Send in your application with the $200 or $5 tax stamp. Once that arrives at our store, your weapon is ready to go home with you.

More Information can be found on the ATF's Website:

Did you know that owning a suppressor (silencer), machine gun, short barreled rifle or shotgun is legal in the state of Florida? You just need to go through the proper steps on filing the necessary paperwork, at Red Dot Shooting, we handle all the details for you. Here are some basic requirements to purchase & own a Class III / NFA weapon:

You must have a clean record, with no felonies
You must be at least 21 years of age
You must reside in the state of Florida
You must have a valid identification issued by the state of Florida
In the state of Florida, you must have a Trust, Corporation or CLEO (Chief Law Enforcement Officer) Approval Signature. Ask us for more information about those options.

Class III / NFA weapons such as suppressors, machine guns, short barreled rifles or shotguns & destructive devices carry a $200 tax. AOWs carry a $5 tax. This tax is payable when we send out your Form 4 to the NFA. The NFA Branch will take anywhere from 3-5 months to process and return.

NFA Ownership Information: